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Leverage China as your gateway to Asia or the world as you immerse yourself in ancient history while contributing to the future.  Experience Asian Culture as a local while earning money to travel throughout Asia or the world.  AIBE partners with China's premier school systems throughout China, dedicated to transforming the lives of their students and communities.  Students, their families, and professionals know learning English is an important success factor in China's globalization.

AIBE seeks talented candidates to teach at its international partner school in Shenyang, China. Northeast Yucai Experimental Schools (NYEC), founded in 1949, is a government-authorized public school system directly affiliated with the Shenyang Education Commission. NYEC occupies an area of 684 acres, boasts five campuses, and has approximately 10,000 students and 600 teachers. It is ranked as the number one K12 public school system in northeast China.  NYEC educates each student from pre-school through high school incorporating a strong emphasis on family and society. Students learn through classroom teaching, off-campus experiential training and long-distance education in both the public and private education sector. The vision of NYEC is to create world-class schools known for exceptional teaching talent & international study readiness programs.

Chongqing No. 8 Secondary School (Chongqing No. 8), founded in 1938, provides educational opportunities for middle and high school students. The institution has a long history of encouraging student initiated and directed learning opportunities. The four core values of honesty, diligence, independence and generosity are incorporated in classroom teaching, student management, curriculum development and lesson plans.


Ranked as one of the top three secondary public school systems in Chongqing, the campus is known for its intense focus on rigor, relevance & international relationships. Over the past five years, hundreds of students have been admitted to prestigious Peking University and Tsinghua University and thousands of students have chosen to study abroad for post-secondary education. Chongqing has formed sister school partnerships in Michigan with Dexter Community Schools, Saline Area Schools and Ann Arbor Public School where students attend high school and earn a diploma. Each school year, Chongqing No. 8 enrolls students from around the world creating a dynamic, international environment that promotes global inter-connectedness and English language learning.

271 Education Group (271) is an international, non-government funded system of schools offering K-12 education opportunities on fifteen campuses across China with headquarters in Weifang. Boasting an enrollment of over 72,000 students, 271 is one of the largest and fastest growing education systems in the country. The blended curriculum combines traditional Chinese lesson plans and English exposure and immersion classes with a global perspective. 271 has created model learning communities that maximize student achievement and promote global excellence. In the fall of 2019, 271 is preparing to send its first cohort of high school students to study in Michigan through BCC International Education Group.

Zhuhai Senior High School affiliated with Beijing Normal University is located in Guangdong Province and was established in 2001. The institution focuses on providing a comprehensive, high quality education with the opportunity to study abroad. In 2011, Foreign Languages School affiliated with Beijing Normal University, was designed to focus more heavily on English language immersion. The School actively recruits foreign teachers with English fluency to instruct on its campus. The school system promotes academic freedom and inclusiveness providing an affordable, student driven learning experience.


  • Top tier schools in China

  • Wrap around services, comprehensive support

  • In-country support by AIBE staff (U.S. & Chinese)

  • Multi-day in-country orientation and connecting events (meet other teachers)

  • Specialized cultural/living in China on-boarding

  • Visa processing guidance for Chinese Visa

Preferred Subject Areas

  • ESL

  • English

  • TOEFL preparation

  • U.S History

  • Sciences (Biology, Chemistry, Physics)

  • P.E.

  • Math (Algebra, Geometry, Calculus)

  • Arts - Multi-Media

  • K-6 classroom teachers - general education