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Leverage China as your gateway to Asia or the world as you immerse yourself in ancient history while contributing to the future.  Experience Asian Culture as a local while earning money to travel throughout Asia or the world.


In a rapidly expanding economy, employers value the ability to work cross-culturally, and adapt to rapidly changing environments whether you're a mid/late-career professional or just starting out.  Connect with a network of new professionals + develop new relationships with people globally while improving language proficiency.


It's critical to select the right partner as you teach abroad.  AIBE is dedicated to your ongoing success inside/outside the classroom through Pre-Departure teaching/cultural training, in-country support, ongoing connecting events and orientation.  AIBE's programs + support are designed with you in mind.


May 3, 2019 for Fall 2019


Who teaches abroad?

      A diverse group of people with a wide range of reasons: People seeking new challenges, enhance teaching skills, ready for a new challenge, recently retired, work/travel with/out kids, love China’s culture and people.  Evaluate where you are in life, your goals and passions and adaptability.

      If you are a change agent, somebody who wants to do well and make a difference for all students, then China may be the perfect place. Our partner schools in China look for individuals who are energetic, enthusiastic, creative and open-minded. We encourage you to start with WHY, discover what you are passionate about and envision what success looks like for you in 3-5 years. Then, map it out! At AIBE, our team of educators is ready to help assist you with making an informed decision, let’s connect.


What are the minimum requirements for teaching in China?

         A Bachelor’s degree, in any subject area, from an accredited university, is mandatory to start teaching in any positions we post in China. However, undergraduate and graduate students are strongly encouraged to apply during their final year of study. American Institute of Bilingual Education (AIBE) partners with some universities to provide the opportunity to simultaneously complete a degree and learn about teaching and living in China! Some positions, such as school principal or department head, may require a teaching certificate or license. ESL qualifications, e.g. TEFL certification, are looked upon favorably for English immersion programs. Please note, such certification is not the same as a teaching license or certificate.


Are duties and responsibilities the same for teaching positions across China?

       Requirements for positions vary based   on the needs of a classroom or campus. During the screening interview with one of our educators at AIBE, we will discuss your interests, background, experience and          expertise. Once that information is collected, we will review our database of job openings and   match you with one or two that may be a good fit. Once revealed, the appropriate job description will be shared with you.

        You will note that the biggest differences may be salary, certain benefits and day-to-day expectations based on a particular school’s needs. In China’s work culture, it is not uncommon for position duties to be verbally modified from time to time so come prepared with a flexible mindset.

        An employment contract will be signed addressing minimum hours in and outside of the classroom (teaching hours, lesson preparation, evaluation of students, meeting with parents, etc.), amount and frequency of pay, length of commitment, and conditions for terminating the contract. Often, language may be included if the foreign teacher stays longer than one school year outlining promotional opportunities, retention incentives    and pay increase. We look forward to addressing your questions.


What are the language requirements?

     Fluency in English is essential when teaching in China; understanding of Mandarin Chinese is not necessary. All subject matter is presented in English with support from Chinese instructors when available. Schools may offer language classes in Mandarin Chinese to help you become familiar with basic every day communication. Learning a second language, in addition to English, provide you with you short and long-term benefits including appreciating your students’ learning curves, and may assist you during your career outside of teaching in China.


What is the minimum time commitment?

    Schools in China require a one-year minimum commitment although a two-year engagement is strongly preferred. On occasion, there may be a summer or one- semester experience available for foreign teachers. Our rule of thumb for any new job,   whether in teaching or another industry, is that it takes three years to really excel at  this teaching opportunity. The first year is your biggest hurdle as you learn on the job, the second is getting comfortable with expectations, and the third - you truly begin making change and are viewed as a leader.


When can I apply to teach in China?

      Applications are accepted on a rolling basis with a priority given to positions needing to be filled in the fall and winter semesters. AIBE will keep your application active until the position best meeting your needs, interests and background becomes available. Should the experience not work out, we will continue to search for opportunities for up to one calendar year.


Is there a specific job for me to apply for when I make application?

    AIBE partners with several Chinese school systems with huge footprints and visions for    great expansion. Therefore, positions are constantly added and updated to meet the ever-demanding need for foreign teachers. We maintain a database of positions; have developed a scoring system to rank and match abilities, skills and talents of  candidates with available positions.

     AIBE prioritizes its recruiting efforts to get the best and brightest prospective teachers    to schools we partner with for global education matters. For example, through   partnerships with our sister company, BCC International Education Group, we provide   international education experiences for Chinese high school students to earn a diploma in the USA and go on to attend an American college. We also offer cultural camps,  professional development for educators, and consultation   with high schools in China on establishing an international curriculum. The mission of both companies is focused on bridging the international education       divide and developing global education leaders of the future. 


What is the salary/benefits package?

     Salary and benefit packages will vary across positions; however, most foreign teachers    can expect to receive compensation in the range of $25,000 - $45,000 U.S. commensurate with experience and requirements of position, free room and board, health insurance coverage, national holidays in China and summer vacation off and round trip airfare. All relevant information for each position will be discussed during the interview in China and finalized in the form of a contract. Teachers typically live on campus with their foreign counterparts or receive assistance with securing lodging prior to arrival. Most meals are provided on campus when school is in session.


Can my family or spouse accompany me to China?

     Family members are welcome to come to China although housing to accommodate more individuals may be a cost borne by you if a school does not have such capacity. You are welcome to discuss during the interview to get a better feel about opportunities and we will work with you to advocate for finding appropriate accommodations. If children accompany you, each school partner has an international high school program and English immersion classes that, depending on ages, may be a good fit for them. Families often bring their children/families - educational opportunities can be easily resolved.


How can I apply for a Visa and necessary Travel Documents?

     A valid passport that will not expire earlier than six months prior to desired return to the USA will be required in order to apply for a visa. Application at a Chinese embassy or China consulate is necessary prior to departure from USA. If you choose to move forward with a teaching offer, AIBE and your future employer will work with you to confirm deadlines for making application, having the necessary documents and meeting         all requirements for approval.

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