Looking for an opportunity to transform the lives of children on a global platform? Our team is searching for individuals with enthusiasm, high energy, resilience and grit. We look forward to connecting your talents, skills and experiences with the opportunity of a lifetime. Learn how to connect your passion for new experiences or add an international perspective to your teaching career through our "Six Simple Steps to Teach in China" process.


Our team of educators has the ability to look past the ordinary and see the extraordinary. We are dedicated to providing programs and services that help your organization achieve its vision for  global integration. Together, with your leadership, we will create the conditions for staff and students to learn and have the knowledge for mastery of 21st Century global skills.


A changing world requires changing competences. Join and network with our learning community of innovative leaders in China and the U.S.A. that practices strategic intent on a global platform.

Our Solutions

Today is the best time to invest in your vision for education. Change your global education strategic plan to strategic intent by learning how and what to practice in a world class organization. Our team will
help you identify and pay attention to the leading indicators of change in a world that is evolving 24/7.

American Institute of Bilingual Education is dedicated to helping your institution create bilingual education and cross-cultural opportunities for your students, faculty and administrators. We will collaborate with you to maximize your strategic plan for a globalized campus. We provide opportunities for international classroom experiences through recruitment of Chinese foreign students, placement of Mandarin Chinese language teachers and professional development of faculty and staff. Learn how you can offer workshops and trainings for Chinese faculty and graduate students in education at your institution. 

We develop comprehensive, tailored programs with our partners as we collaboratively deliver global education opportunities.

AIBE partners include:

  • Schools/school districts

  • Colleges & universities

  • Businesses

  • Government agencies in the U.S. & China

We consistently communicate with all of our partners and pay special attention to our student body and their educational goals. 



American Institute of Bilingual 

Education understands the challenges your school district experiences delivering new learning opportunities for your students & teachers with limited resources. 

Our team includes educators who have encountered the issues you face in a rapidly changing educational landscape.  We supply our partners & clients with specialized resources & programs.  We partner with public, charter, & private schools interested in developing & offering integrated Chinese language & culture programs. 



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