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Chinese High School Student Exchange Program

When you partner with BCC International Education Group, you create a long term, sustainable and cooperative relationship with a company dedicated to promoting global education opportunities for all. Whether it’s placing K-12 Chinese foreign students on your campus or helping your team to globalize classroom instruction, we have a solution for you that will provide an opportunity for local students to compete & thrive on a global stage and become global citizens. BCC is committed to understanding your strategic intent for a globalized campus, one that promotes cultural and linguistic diversity. Together, we will create a shared vision.

Typically, Chinese students in our program arrive to the U.S. during their junior year of high school.  Course selection follows the standard curriculum of local junior students, with the possibility of supplemental ESL instruction and advanced math and science courses.  Students reside with host families in the local community and may participate in extra-curricular activities such as sports, after-school clubs, and musical events.  During the senior year, students enrolled in a public school district will return on an F-1 visa from a neighboring college while taking twelve (12) credit per semester and continuing with elective classes on the high school campus.  The ultimate goal - obtain a U.S. high school diploma and attend a college in the U.S.


Students are prepared for their immersion into a different culture:

  • They study and master the basics of English to assure comfort in their new language environment

  • They learn life-long skills

  • They are provided opportunities to obtain transferable academic proficiencies for future college/university study


BCC provides comprehensive programs and support to students by:

  • Sharing our extensive educational resources with our host districts

  • Addressing and minimizing logistical concerns regarding visa forms, travel logistics, and health issues


  • EACH student lives with host families immersing him/her in their culture

  • EACH student is an ambassador of his/her own culture

  • EACH student experiences a broad range of host country activities

  • EACH student improves his/her own living skills

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