The most desirable education, of course, is one that enhances human curiosity & encourages risk taking, & cultivates the entrepreneurial spirit in the context of globalization.


Dr. Yong Zhao, BCC Chief Advisor

AIBE Story

The American Institute of Bilingual Education (AIBE) was founded for the purpose of promoting bilingual education and cultural understanding between China and the US. The greatest challenge in education today is adequately preparing students, teachers, and future educational leaders for a global world that is changing 24/7.  They must have the ability to live and work in a rapidly changing multi-lingual and multi-cultural society. This requires workers, business, governmental and world leaders to have fluency in multiple languages and possess high cultural intelligence (“CQ”). Boasting the two largest economies in the world, it is imperative that China and the US work together for a stronger, more open-minded and inclusive society for the betterment of humankind everywhere.

AIBE U.S. Team

AIBE has a united leadership team that is innovative, passionate, hard working, and headed in the same direction with a laser-like focus on meeting or exceeding our clients' needs/requests. Our U.S. team works closely with the team at our Asian headquarters in China.

AIBE Values

AIBE is an extension of your team; we treat your school, business, your students and staff as our own.

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